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101 Bourne Shell Utility Scripts  v.1.0

The project includes several Bourne Shell utility scripts. Detailed manual pages accompany each of the scripts. The goal of the project is to provide at least 101 useful

A+ PHP Scripts  v.03

A+ PHP Scripts is a set of various scripts that will rock PHP world! Forums, News Management System, CMS, Guestbooks, ShoutBox,

Backup-scripts: simple archiving tools  v.1.0

backup-scripts is the very simple set of shell-scripts designed to be run by cron.Does full and incremental backups for filesystem and mysqldump for MySQL.Compress backuped data with bzip.Cleans up old backups to save

BaliHB's scripts  v.1.0

My scripts I've made (or modified) to make my life

Bash Batch Image Processing Scripts  v.2.0

bbips - Bash Batch Image Processing Scripts. A collection of bash scripts that use Imagemagick to "batch" process entire directories of images all at once. For use with Linux and Unix systems to batch process *.jpg image files from the bash

BIOperl Scripts for PHylogenetic Analyse  v.0.0.11

Biospha is a suite of perl scripts based on bioperl toolkit intended to help researches to manage large sequence file. With BIOSPHA you can classify each sequence according to the NCBI taxonomy. You also can get all taxonomic info from a GI or

Boost.Build V2 Scripts  v.0.0.1

Boost.Build V2 Scripts for various libraries. Currently supported gd-2.0.33, jpeg-6b, libpng-1.2.5, mxml-2.5, otl, wt-2.1.5,

Chromies - The War of Scripts  v.1.0

Round based, noninteractive, ai-scriptable strategic game. Players can make ai-scripts for vehicles (tank, jeep...), and the system play the game with scripts. AI-script can write in JavaScript. The game has a pure functional

Debian partial mirror synch scripts  v.1.0

The Debian partial mirror synch scripts allows to build/upgrade a local partial mirror from a Debian package mirror (using

Enr1x's Life Scripts  v.20050523

A collection of "good" Bash scripts I made to make my life easier. My scripts could make your life easier

FireWall Scripts  v.0.1.1beta

There are some scripts for cool firewall tune, based on ipchains and iptables. Scripts based on macro language m4. It allow you create firewall any difficult and net topology. It allow many firewall groups, hierarchy chain structure, dynamic rpc


Free WAP, WML, xHTML php scripts archive!!! Chat, forum, grabber, spammer, guestbook, services, tool, wap ftp, statistics, games, search, news, datind, wap portal, sms, downloads centre top sites scripts!!! Free Mysql wap php

Group of Shell unix scripts  v.b.0.4

Shell Unix its a group of scripts for Linux/Unix ... they are simple and very

Indiana University Bioinfo Batch Scripts  v.0.0

IU Batch Scripts are shell scripts that simplify the process of submitting batch jobs on Unix machines that use the PBS queueing system and on AIX machines that use

Lazy Man\\\'s Shell Scripts  v.2

A collection of bash shell scripts to make life a little

Linux Live Scripts  v.1.0

This scripts allow to create a live Linux image from an existing installation. This is a branch from "Linux Live Scripts" by Thomas M., with some improvements and

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